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What do participants think?

“Another really useful and practical course” – Postgraduate research skills workshop

“It was very helpful and Liz was an excellent and incredibly well-informed teacher” – University researchers’ workshop

“Really useful” – University researchers’ workshop

“The tutor used real course materials from her own research which helped to better understand what one would want out of their data and how to accomplish that in NVivo” – Postgraduate research skills workshop

“Working through the NVivo practical examples was very helpful” – Researchers’ and consultants’ workshop

“Good to see all the different projects on screen” – University researchers’ workshop

What have they found most useful?

“Getting a general overview of NVivo capabilities and starting the thought process of how it may help us to be more efficient researchers and formalise our coding”

“Understanding the potentials with models, how to summarise and present the coded data, tag clouds, social media section e.g. Twitter”

“Individual help”

“Learning all the basic NVivo functions”

“Playing with the sample data and looking at how the analysis in the sample case had been done”

“How to set up projects (starting from the beginning), and what is possible with fully developed projects”

“Practical working through real examples”