NVivo coding: creating nodes

This is part of a series of posts on basic text coding in NVivo 10.

Before you create a node, make sure you have clicked on the folder into which you want to place it.

Click Node on the Create ribbon, OR right-click in the white space at the bottom of the list of nodes. This will open the New Node dialogue box. Type the name of your node. If you like you can add a description and a nickname if the node name is very long.

create new nvivo node


Then click OK, and the new node will be added to the list.

If you want to sub-divide your nodes, you can create ‘child nodes’. When you have opened the correct nodes folder, click on the node you wish to sub-divide (the ‘parent node’) before creating the node. If you use the right-click method, right-click directly on the parent node to create the child node.

nvivo child nodes

You can also use the coding bar to create nodes as you code. I’ll include instructions on how to do this in a later post.

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